Monday, May 18, 2009

The inaugural post.

Let me introduce myself. I am a mechanical engineer by day, and artisan by night. Specifically these days I make decorative throw pillows and sell them online ( I've done everything from jewellery to furniture, but pillows seem to be my niche. I've been asked how I ever got into the business of selling throw pillows, of all things... And I don't really know how, but one bleek Saturday, after following my job to a city where I knew not a soul in the world, I thought wouldn't it be cool if there were a store that sold throw pillows -- all different colours, fabrics, shapes, anything you could think of. And there it began. I walked to the nearby Walmart, bought some fabric scraps, and started experimenting.

I decided that my lucky friends would be my guinea pigs, and made them each a throw pillow for Christmas. With plenty of kinks still to be ironed out I pulled together 6 lovely pillows by making stencils of the design and painting them onto the fabric in airbrush paint. I matched them with fun fabrics on the back, and voila.

And so I would like to dedicate this blog to my fabulously supportive friends, who have over the years put up with my hits and misses of handmade Christmas gifts, and have praised even my not-so-praiseworthy creations ;) Although I think you guys liked the pillows... didn't you?

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