Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bracelets Galore

I myself am more of a necklace person, but in the spirit of expanding my horizons, here are a few bracelets that I just made. I fell in love with these stones I found at the bead store: pink jade, blue lace agate, and chrysocolla. I loved them so much I put all of the beads I bought into each bracelet. I need to go back to the store asap ;)

After posting these bracelets on my facebook page, my friend pointed out that they look an awful lot like my dad's trellace of grapes back home. Maybe I was subconsciously homesick when I thought these up? What do you think? uncanny ;)

My dad is internet-shy, so I cropped him out of this photo, except for his hand. But he's smiling big in this picture showing off his home-grown grapes!)

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