Thursday, April 29, 2010

Introducing Kimono Kids!

Introducing my new line of Kimono Kids pillows! I find the Japanese culture fascinating, and admire the beautiful luxurious kimonos. The wide obi sashes are my favourite part!

I've found I come up with my best ideas on the ride home from work -- probably because the mind is relaxed after a gruelling day, and tends to just wander. This particular pillow was probably the quickest I've ever made my ideas come to life. I had the lightbulb idea on the subway ride, ironed out some details in my head, and as soon as I got home plopped on the couch and started drawing. A couple hours later I was off sewing! By the end of the night I had finished "Little Mayumi" and a few days later followed it up with "Little Famiko", pictured above. The design itself is appliqued on, and I've used various types of fabric to mix up the colours and textures. My favourite part is how the kimono obi is echoed by a wide piece of fabric on the pillow backing!

Stay tuned for more Kimono Kids in my Etsy shop!

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