Friday, September 10, 2010

Pearl Crazy

So I went a little pearl crazy at the bead store -- because I hate when I run out! Or when the store runs out and only has the oddly-shaped, oddly-coloured pearls. So to justify the strands upon strands of newly acquired freshwater pearls, I got busy. I actually made these a while ago and haven't gotten around to posting them until now. I guess I didn't want to cause a frenzy in my shop just before my summer vacation. Because yes, in my grand imagination, I envisioned my store to be busier than a Macy's boxing day sale. (Or Canadian equivalent to Macy's?) I mean, I just may have to hire a security guard to control the crowds!

I am pleased to present (clockwise from top left): Olivia, Elizabeth, Fatima, Jacqueline, Fiona, and Rachel. Please hold your applause ;)

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