Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A DIY Wedding with a lot of Heart

This post is long overdue. It is a tribute to the most beautiful wedding I have had the honour of being a part of, and to the beautiful bride (my sister) who designed and orchestrated the whole show. And amazingly, the majority of this wedding was DIY! It took place in Hennebont, France.

So where to begin? Let's start with the "save the date" cards. These were designed and put together by the talented owner of Tulle Box Designs, who also happened to be the co-maid-of-honour. They set the tone for this blue and pink themed wedding...

Also out of her studio came the "Wall of Flowers" concept, and her trademark favor boxes topped with a tissue-paper peony, which some ladies used as corsages later that night! We spent many a late night puffing these tissue-paper creations, went a little nutty from fatigue, but they turned out spectacular. And a little nuttiness never hurt anyone!

And to complement the pink flowers my sister picked out a gorgeous navy blue printed fabric, which she ordered from fabric.com, which I sewed the table runners from. I think she bought out their stock because I received an entire bolt of fabric in the mail (and used it all!).

My sister is very detail-oriented and did such a great job setting up the entire reception. She had buttons made that said "All you need is love", a creative bird-cage themed seating chart, apothecary jars filled with candy, a custom monogrammed guestbook, polaroid film for guestbook pictures, and much more. SO MUCH more...

And how did Pabrika Handmade help? Well of course I custom designed a ring-pillow for the special occasion. Our friend's 15-month-old baby was the proud ring bearer. But with a tendency to drop, or fling things, we thought it best to transform the ring pillow into a backpack by adding two loops of fat ribbon to it. It worked like a charm, and the rings were delivered safely.

Also out of the Pabrika Handmade shop are the coveted Ramona Necklaces for the bridesmaids, made of large Swarovski Crystals and sterling silver. Don't look directly at them, you may hurt your eyes ;)
All in all it was a beautiful day. I am sure I have missed a ton of other details that my sister prepared (so keep an eye out for a second blog post if I happen to remember them all). The French know how to throw a party -- I thought it was just a typo when I read that the party would end at 4am...
(All photographs courtesy of One and Only Paris Photography.)

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